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Making your journey rich in five steps

  • 1 The right start. The right guide.

    • " A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way."
      -John C. Maxwell

      We know how important it is for you to get acquainted with a financial guide you can trust. Some people are surprised during the first visit with Parker Advisory Group that the discussion doesn't focus on assets or balance sheets. Instead, in our initial visit we introduce our mission and values, who we are, our process, and our service commitment. This allows you to get better acquainted with who we are and to discover if we are the right guide for you.

      • Step 1: Choosing the right guide for your journey

        • Complementary initial visit is about getting to know you
        • Scheduled at a time convenient to both you and your spouse
        • A discussion focused on the planning process or journey
        • A chance for you to get acquainted with your personal guide
  • 2 Seeing the destination

    • "To truly be successful you must have a clear vision of what success means to you & then share that knowledge with others to grow a team."

      Too many people approach the path toward their ultimate destination with merely a list of dreams and aspirations. For many, ideas remain vague, leaving the journey on which they find themselves void of effective action or solid guidance.

      The second meeting with Parker Advisory Group is specially designed to help discover your most important dreams and how they are rooted within you--how they are a part of you. This session aims to clarify and focus your mind on the priority of each aspiration. Parker Advisory Group provides an opportunity--the first opportunity for many couples--to openly discuss and honestly express feelings about what good their wealth will do and, more importantly, why. Every word shared is progress toward a better understanding of how best to make your journey rich.

      • Step 2: Seeing the destination

        • This meeting gets beyond your vague ideas
        • Prioritizes goals and dreams
        • Clarifies your most important aspirations
        • Supports open spousal discussion on the "whys of wealth"
        • May have you asking yourself deep questions for the first time
  • 3 Understanding the path

    • "We cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening our own."
      -Ben Sweetland

      Individual needs and wants directly affect the way we spend our time and income. For many new Parker Advisory Group clients, the third meeting becomes the "financial GPS" that clearly pinpoints their location in relation to the pathway desired.

      During this interaction we will gather all of your important data and look down your financial path. We will help you list the assets you have spent your life accumulating, understanding that every asset you've acquired has reason and purpose. With this understanding, Parker Advisory Group becomes an unsurpassed guide committed to making your journey fulfilling and rich.

      • Step 3: Understanding the path

        • The meeting looks at all of your assets
        • Helps you itemize each asset
        • Discusses each asset and its purpose individually
        • Discovers your starting point to the pathway
  • 4 Gearing up for the journey

    • "There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."
      -Colin Powell

      Every great journey starts with a great plan, and having an experienced planner makes all the difference. As a client of Parker Advisory Group, you will work closely with us as we help you connect the dots between your financial goals and your resources. During this important meeting we review and clarify your thoughts and goals discussed in prior meetings. A Parker Advisory Group financial planner will guide you through a draft plan that effectively brings into vision adjustments and implementations that may be needed. As informed decisions are made, an alignment of your time and resources increases your chances of a successful, rich, rewarding journey.

      • Step 4: Gearing up for the journey

        • This meeting makes informed decisions
        • Makes draft plans about assets and goals
        • Helps you see the pathway that connects the two
  • 5 Journey with purpose

    • " A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
      -Lao Tzu

      By step five, you will have a clear vision of your financial destination.

      You will have assessed the path as well as geared up with a custom plan made with you, for you! You are now prepared to embark on your journey. With a road map in hand and Parker Advisory Group at your side to assist and navigate, you will make more effective decisions for years to come. No more walking in the dark, guessing, or doing it alone. Through this process you will have established a relationship based on trust and will now have a guide who truly understands you.

      Now your journey moves forward with ongoing evaluation, rich with perspective and purpose. Parker Advisory Group will continue to offer insight that is right for you and enrich your journey through life.

      • Step 5: Journey with purpose

        • This is an ongoing evaluation process
        • An evaluation of resources
        • An evaluation of how your resources align with your goals